Cell Phone Holder

Where to put the mobile while charging? Ever had this problem, then have a look at these two ways to craft a recycled cell phone holder:

With an old shampoo bottle

Paper Bunting

Paper bunting from an old book.

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I made another beanie and created a stop motion time-lapse so you can see the process. After the third crocheted hat I finally got the hang of it and it doesn't take much time anymore (an estimated 3 hours: two nights, two movies and you'll be done ;) ). So this is a wonderful way to repurpose your unwanted clothes.

From Jumper to Beanie

If you want to make yarn out of a shirt or an old jumper, have a look at the instruction sheet. What you then do with the yarn is up to you. With this jumper I crochet a beanie and because it was so much fun, I tried another one with three shirts:

If you want to know how to crochet a hat, just have a look on Youtube, there are a lot of tutorials.
I had a little workshop with 2 of my fellow students and this is how one of their hats turned out.

Hamburg Freebox

The idea of the freebox is simultaneously spreading in different cities/countries, as I already mentioned in the origin story that there are freeboxes in Berlin, I now discovered that they made their way to Hamburg as well. I hope that more cities in the UK will soon embrace this concept, too!


What to Do With Old T-Shirts

Apart from the rug rag idea there are numerous possibilities what you can do with unwanted old shirts. Some of them are really easy and quickly done, so even craft grouches could be surprised what they can achieve. Also click here for a long list of ideas.

Make a grocery bag

Or a "Hobo Bag"

A fabric cover for your notebook

Laptop case

Pillow case

How to make a headband

Make a bracelet

Or even Shoes?!

Make a cute scarf 
Or if you fancy upcycling your shirts in another way, you can find some inspiration here and here.

I found a book

I just stumbled upon a nice idea for book recycling if you don't have a freebox close to you. You label one of your books with a special code you can generate on the site, and leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up. If the finder enters the code, you can track the journey your book makes.

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